Halloween !

Im so excited about the upcoming halloween themed party that we are going to have! First will be woods bday and then night safari !! Haha oh man . After work today, head down to toys R us forum to shop for halloween again with chang and eunice. eunice is practically grabbing everything !! I love her shopping attitude man . For woods house deco mostly . Hopefully we could turn the whole place into the coolest place in town! Hahas. I wann to be pumpkin and witchy witch !!

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** im so lazy to resize my photos cos its a tedious process !!

went azzura with the girls on wednesday.
i want to go there again soon !!

and ah mah !!
i wanted to bring her for pubbing
but she doesnt seems enthu with the idea :(

thai express-ed with botak love .
i had tom yum hor fun and soup !
every single stuff went into my stomach.
spicy and acidic . shiok !

and im really ROUND !!

i really love that pumpkin so much !
but its for little kids and
it should actually fit the little ones as suit.
but im wearing as though it's my vest.

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21st dec 2012.
how true is that?


 i went market with ah mah today !

yesterday xiaogu bought some mooncake from bakerzin !
i tried the black sesame with white choco truffle inside. not bad though
but too bad im not into sesame if not i'll love it !
and the rest are some moncakes with brandied cherry, single malt whisky, pink champagne and rum and raisin
alcoholic mooncakes i haven try before. i shall try and see whether is it finger licking good.

BABY BUN will be out tonight !!

sweet sweet love.
21st sept 2009

it's may's wedding !
it's an indian style wedding at singapore khalsa association .
so cool . i went there quite late
so actually missed their prayers and marriage ceremony part.
they are so sweet !!!
and i finally had indian food after so long !

may this sweet couple had a blissful marriage
and a chubby baby soon !!

*will upload rest of pics in my FB




i want to go to night
safari this halloween !

can i ??

some thoughts
ive just read eleanor's blog and it directed me to
charlene's blog .
and esp when i have a boyf now.
im reading her blog from a diff perspective
from what i had more than a year ago

i used to read her blog with no emotion.
but now i can understand the feeling.
it's like the date is set
you have no choice and the days are geting nearer
it's freaking scary !!!
nothing can beat seperating from life and death.

words in red is what she wrote.

Boyfriend is so afraid I'll run away while his in camp,

Take for example.
He got mad at me for msging some guyfriend,
even if i know that guyfriend has other intentions,
i'm very bad with rejections, believe me!!
I know i don't sound/look like one,
and i kinda hate myself for this stupid weak point.
AND it's not that i reciprocate his intentions/flirting,
it's just that i felt bad not ending it proper, and making
good exits so that we don't hate each other or encounter
awkwardness in future

I told him in all excitement that i saw hunks somewhere,
or was invited to go somewhere with someone/group of ppl,
example, go clubbing.
and that I am pretty hyped up about it,
and he went all sullen and pouty.
i read all these as signs of love, jealousy . . .
it's actually very sweet,
i always have a grin plastered on my face,
and it's soooooo saccharine sweet in the heart.

I realized/know how much he cares about me.
I have this irritating habit to test
my boyfriends' tolerance level,
and I like to push them to their limits.
Boyfriend's a very prideful, chauvinistic man to began with.
He has been really patient.
and i appreciate all his kind gesture towards me.

I'm a moron,
I've been very insensitive, and it's not that i don't know
i am being ridiculous, it's just . . .
sometimes when i see him hopping mad at me,
i feel he love me hell lots, and i derive happiness from
seeing him mad.
Yes, yes evil devious me! hahaha
But girlfriends!!! you understand how i feel right!?

i agree totally !!!
 i think i had that habit too
to test baby's tolerance's level
though i know it's really unhealthy

baby i know you have the most ridiculous gf
i promise you i will try very hard to kick
that bad habit of mine off !!!

Baby, look at how happy we were,
the photos says in all. . .
we shared so much memories,
we were so in love,
why did you have to leave . . .
why did you have to leave me behind,
you said the last thing you'll do is leaving me,
we have plans, so many of them . . .
we're going to get our degree together,
we're going to have a family,
you working outside while i'll be home
looking after our children, our yearly oversea trip . .
you bringing us around the world. . .
We're going to spend our life together,
till lines tattoo our forehead, till we're old and frail,
till we have our grandchildren, till we hold our hands and
bid the world goodbye with smile together.
That was our plan . . . why didn't you stick to it?
How am i going to have them all fulfilled when you're
not here with me?

I yearn to hear you once more,
I yearn to hug you and not let go,
I'll never let you be away anymore.
If only you come home,
if only you don't have to go.

remember i love you,
remember i cherish you,
remember i'm always here for you.
If you feel lonely come to my dreams,
i'll keep you accompany,
i'll chase away your blues.
Go ahead, built our kingdom there,
the pet whale to remind you of our silly dreams.
I'll not stop you for doing all the things you like,
you can play your games 24/7,
you can go to camps you decide to join.
I know you'll be as outstanding as you were here.
I know you're soaring high up above in the sky.
I know you're wearing that smile you always greet me with.
I'll be with you when the time comes,
when you're ready for me, come for me,
i'll be back in your loving arms.

i know i have to cherish
the way as if you may not be there anymore
i read through her blog right from the start
he will send her to work even though he has got barely enough of sleep
wait till she knock off and fetch her back home
dry her hair, cut her nails
do her dishes, iron her clothes
we are so much alike
so much so that i thought im reading my own story
and someday he will just leave me the way he left her.

baby love
please please be safe.
i know for my sake you are going through your army life
that you don wish and don like to.
just bear with it ya
i love you .


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yeah meet up with girly girls with walter and chang
went to dine at empire state
the food there is so not nice !!
and the staff is even worse they just dont get what we say
can you imagine i ordered a drink and tell them
that its so sweet . then the staff gave me that sotong face
then look at the drink with doubt .
i just wonder whether he knows the taste of the drink by
before he finally took it away.

i just came aross this news in yahoo
that the indo police had killed JI leader in a raid
and this sentence ...
Jamaah Islamiyah's ultimate goal is to unite Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia,
Singapore and the southern Philippines into a fundamentalist islamic state

what the hell !
i don wan our country to turn into a islamic state !
just who they think the terrorists are?

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finally 4 days of it show is over !i hope sales is not bad ~
but i know it didnt hit th's quota.
no retreat !

honey bought an itouch !!
hahas i get to use it since he's in army!!
omg its super entertaining .
it has SOSOSO many applications i can just face it the whole day
love it to the max !

eleanor is sick on the last day of work
but hope she can get the second top sale ~
get well soon babe!

and last day of work went to yew tee mac for supper
with eunice, mun and chang
woohoo !!!
it suppose to be just a dinner cum supper
but we just glued ourselves to the seats
and chatted from 12 all the way to almost 8 in the morning
before we headed back home
but at least this time mun slept only a few mintues
record breaking !!

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work today was fun.
time passes super fast from 7am all the way to 6pm
but it was tiring though.
i havent been standing for such a long time
and i havent been carrying heavy plates for such a long times
my tiny weeny muscles are building !

today event are
IBM CEO breakfast roundtable and
Qantas air steward and stewardess dining etiquette
super pretty air stewardess !!
can you imagine a pretty blonde serving you ~
oh man !!

im working on the 69th level
and i saw they turned the floating stage for NDP
into a floating soccer field !!!
omg ! how cool is that.
IT fair coming up next !
money money money ~



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